Birth Worker Training Programme


I know you want to change lives!

You want to channel your passion for pregnancy and birth into something practical! Something you can earn a living at whilst doing something you love, something you’ve been called to do!

I’ve been a birth worker and antenatal teacher for over 7 years but I remember what it was like starting out. I felt so worried about whether I was capable of really supporting someone through a birth. Did I have enough skills to be offer comfort and physical support? How could I undertake this work alone? How did I go about starting my new business?

I’ve gained these things over a long period of time and regularly now mentor new birth workers who’ve completed training but still don’t feel ready to take on the work.

It is my passion that everyone in our society has access to a birth worker - doula - birth keeper who can truly support them through the transition into parenthood. Everyone desires to know what it is to be emotionally and physically supported and have their rights and choices respected through the birth process!

Introducing a radically different training programme for birth work!

Something that is expansive and fit for purpose in supporting everyone who experiences pregnancy and birth in our society. A course that enables you to support people through the child bearing year whilst feeling confident you have the tools to also find work and make a living doing something you truly love!

This programme is more intensive than most training programmes for birth workers - doulas. It is a combination of practical skills sessions, during which I will share some of my most useful birth worker secrets, and 7 online modules for you to work through on your own but with support.

Over 90 days we will work together to prepare you to pursue your passion for birth work! My programme looks like this:

  • Birth Workers Boundaries System - unpacking and reframing our own fears and experiences of birth.
  • The Where, Who, Why and How Formula - birth physiology and basic antenatal information sessions you understand how the human body gives birth and how to explain this to others.
  • Articulate and advocate - how to listen and help the people you work with express their views so they are heard.
  • Physical flow for pregnancy - learning practical skills for supporting pregnancy and the birth process.
  • Your birth bliss - Finding the sweet spot of birth work!
  • Postnatal pillars - REST, RESTORE, NURTURE (including infant feeding).
  • Taking care of business - how to make birth work - work!!!

Added benefits include:

  1. You have the added bonus of 3 mentoring sessions with me during  your course and 3 mentoring sessions after you’ve completed the course that will help ensure you’re on the right path in your new career!
  2. You will have access to The Original Birth Connection FB. A group through which you will find mutual support with an amazing bunch of birth workers. I will post up to date research and interesting, relevant info for course participants. This group is for life! This is your birth work tribe! You will become part of an incredible team of people transforming the way we provide care for people in our communities during the child bearing year.
  3. Access to masterclasses on topics relevant to your training and working life to help enable you to keep up with your CPD (continuing professional development).

Birth work should be for anyone, however you identify, but not everyone is built for birth work.

You need to be smart, strong, emotionally resilient and able to support another’s choices even though they may be completely opposed to your own.

Once you’ve completed this training you will have a toolkit of practical skills and a wealth of knowledge you can rely on as you begin your journey into your new career! You will feel truly calm and confident when entering someone’s birth space and equipped to support them!

The Original Connection Birth Worker support:

You will receive:

  • A quarterly newsletter with information about the latest research, Continuing Professional Development opportunities and support.
  • The option to add The Original Birth Connection logo to your website
  • Free listing for a year on - a national doula and birth worker directory!


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