There’s a doula for everyone.

I strongly believe this to be true! But what does this mean for those who’s finances don’t afford them a doula? I was recently chatting with one of The Original Birth Connection Birth Worker Training Programme trainees about this and I thought it would be useful to others to share some thoughts. Whilst in ancient …

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Birth work is your work

Just a fad? Having a doula became quite the thing in recent years. With the rise in celebrities like Meghan Markle having a doula at her birth, suddenly everyone seemed to want a doula too! In light of this doulas are seen by many as a trendy fad. I believe this has a lot to …

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Birth work in a pandemic

As we move back into this latest form of lockdown I’ve been reflecting on how the pandemic has impacted the work birth professionals do. It’s been a bit of a shit show! Doulas – birth workers – birth professionals are not viewed as essential by government or the NHS despite the evidence to the contrary! …

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Focus on what you can control

This is so important when planning how you want to birth your baby.  Your plan Pretty much EVERYONE acknowledges that it’s important to have a birth plan. Your birth plan is an opportunity to express your wishes on paper about how you’d like you birth your baby. Given that it is your human right to …

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Birth in modern times

I know you want all the ‘feels’ – right? You picture your birth – and its beautiful and calm and your surrounded by love and your baby arrives easily and wonderfully – and its, well, perfect!  When you picture your birth your don’t envisage having to negotiate and ask lots of questions and feel in …

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Lean Back

Well this is totally fucked up isn’t it?  Having been in self isolation for 12 days, for what may or may not be Covid-19, I can happily say I’ve run the entire gambit of emotions.  I feel completely gutted that I missed the birth of my lovely client but she had an amazing birth and …

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