I am not the doula for you …

Oooooohhhhhh! Think about half the people reading this just left and I haven’t even started yet. It’s a bold statement I know but I really want you to think about why you want a doula. 

Doula’s are not a modern pregnancy ‘necessity’.

They’re not something to tick off your ‘I’m expecting a baby list’ along with your favourite buggy, attending pregnancy yoga and remembering to take you antenatal vitamins. 

Doula’s are not a fad.

Women supporting women through childbirth has been recorded in art and literature since we starting making records. It’s gaining in popularity today thanks in large part to celebrity culture and the likes of the lovely Amy Schumer https://www.mother.ly/news/amy-schumer-doula-support and Megan Markle but just because someone else felt it was right for them doesn’t mean its right for you. 

Doulas are not a magic bullet.

Hiring a doula will not, I repeat will not, guarantee you a perfect birth. There is plenty of evidence now that having a doula or birth companion will massively increase the likelihood of you having a positive birth experience. Women who are supported by doulas are less likely to have a caesarean, less likely to use medicated pain relief and more likely to report feeling supported through the birth process. You can read more about the evidence here https://www.alexbdoula.co.uk/about/

But birth is a unique journey that we never know the path of until we’re on it so do’t hire a doula if you think it will make everything “ok”.

And finally…

…don’t hire a doula if you’re not prepared to put in the work. Knowledge is power in birth. You can’t hire a doula and then bury your head in the sand thinking with this one act you’ve cracked giving birth. A good doula should help you explore you options, point you in the direction of good evidence based research (which you will then need to find and read), help you work out how and where you want to give birth, feed your baby and how to settle into parenthood. But all these things still require a lot of work on your part. 

I am your doula ….

…if you’re excited (or fearful, or confused, or slightly uncertain) by the prospect of giving birth and feel you need a little emotional and physical support to do it your way. 

I am also the doula for you if you’ve previously been through something traumatic that has clouded your opinion of birth. The majority of the clients I work with are people who have experienced a previous traumatic birth or have are trying for a vbac. 

Get in touch

If having someone stand beside you, helping you fight your corner and calming and confidently holding your birth space so you can go on and rock your birth like the warrior I know you are then you need to get in touch so we can put a date in the diary to meet up and talk all about you and your birth. https://www.alexbdoula.co.uk/contact/

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