Postnatal Services

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Your postnatal services

As your postnatal doula I will 'mother the mother' (look after you!) A postnatal doula is a listening ear and a helping hand for as long as you feel you need someone.

There are as many reasons to need a postnatal doula as there are different types of doula! I support you to take care of your baby, can help around the house, help look after other children or even walk the dog.

I will support you to breastfeed and take care of your little one in the early days, and can provide you with nourishing meals and perform abdominal massage, Benkung Belly Wrapping and Closing the Bones ceremonies. Whatever you feel your support needs are I would be more than happy to discuss them.

You do not need to have had a doula for your birth to have a postnatal doula.

Because everyone's needs differ postnatally I charge by the hour for my services. I charge £30 per hour for postnatal services and ask that you book in 2 hour blocks.

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