Snacks for labour

The last thing you might be thinking of when you’re preparing for the birth of your baby is food but labour requires energy. Having plenty of snacks with you ensures you don’t run out of fuel! They’re also great to offer your birth team if you’re at home.

I’ve put together 5 snacks that I have used with clients that have gone down well during their births.

DIY Electrolyte cubes Easy to prep and perfect for a home birth or add loads to your refillable water bottle to take with you to hospital.

Chocolate birth balls Dates are great during labour as they’re full of natural sugars to give you easy to access fuel for your body. Combined with flax and chia seeds for a protein boost these are the perfect labour snack.

No Bake Superfood Granola Bars These delicious superfood bars have all the plant based protein and energy you’ll need to get you through labour. Ad they have chocolate in – need I say more?

Easy Labour Date balls With only 4 ingredients these are super easy to put together.

If you can’t be arsed to make these you can always pop down to your local supermarket to buy some! However if you’re feeling creative these Deliciously Ella Cacao and Almond Energy Balls are one of my favourite snacks to take with me when attending births and with all that plant powered energy I can imagine they’re pretty handy for labour too!

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